Well-Organized Bachelor Pad Ideas for Living Room


Single men, do you have your own pad in your house? Do you organize it well? Design the pad as a pleasant cool living room where you can relax after having so many activities outside. Consider some furniture you wanna set in the room.

Having your own pad is very nice since you can do some activities like watching video, finishing your job even taking a nap without worrying to disturb other inhabitants in your house. Probably, the following bachelor pad ideas will help you to design it.

Stylish Bachelor Pad Ideas
The stylish design is depending on your character. When you like to come into a stylish man, try to design the room differently. First, instead of painting the wall in one color, try to decorate or make ornaments toward the wall like a labyrinth. Paint it dominantly white and create a labyrinth design in it. Make the LED screen as the center of the labyrinth.

One thing that someone think about must be the wall decoration since it look so dominant. Then, to give natural touch in the room, place one or two medium size of plants in the corner of it. Put a set of sofa including the table with some tender pillow to enjoy the video or just to relax your body. The room look so large with the wide window facing the garden. This bachelor pad ideas is very suitable for you who loves nature.

Bachelor Pad Ideas for Mansion
When you have a large mansion with so many rooms, take one room for your own privacy. Create the room as a place where you can express your feelings or ideas for the whole day. Therefore, you have to put many things that will make you enjoy occupying the room.
First, place a small bedroom where you can lay on to relax your body. Then set an LED in the room that will be used to entertain you by watching film or television. When you want to write and read magazines, just put a set of working desk with simple moving chair in line with the desk design. Two rattan armchairs might be set in the room as a complement or nature accent in the design of bachelor pad ideas.

Japanese Bachelor Pad Ideas
Do you like Japanese culture very much? You can design the bachelor pad ideas similar to your favorite. The Japanese design started from the design of the rolling door. See the hanging lamp, the round shape really reflect the Japanese. To add more, set a wooden floor for the room. It is both look naturally and Japanese.
Consider the furniture to be placed in the room. White sofa with red accent for the pillow give simple and elegant accent. Avoid the placement of some electronics if you just want to refresh your mind from the noise outside. Let your brain relax when coming up into this room.

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